Building the Track+Fits platform, a challenge—to inject a fresh burst of energy into track and field athletics. Track and field athletics needs a new wave of Gen Z fans, emphasising the evolving athleisure culture.
Our Goal
Our mission was to create an integrated platform that would attract Gen Z and fashionistas. We aimed to collaborate with professional track and field athletes from diverse backgrounds to embrace Track+Fits as a shared space where they can express their personalities away from the stadium.
We produced a powerful concept: “Creating a lane for track athletes and fashion”. This concept allowed us to focus solely on making track athletes the centre of fashion conversations. Central to our approach was the belief that track athletes can cross over into the fashion industry. We sought to amplify this message by featuring track athletes in non-sports clothing and environments to reinforce our vision.
Our creative direction challenged the stereotype that track and field is a “dying sport” and that track athletes have “no personality”. Instead, we highlighted emerging fashion culture, where track and field seamlessly merged with style.
Our Approach
To bring our concept to life, we collaborated with Noah Lyles, a 3 x World Champion and Olympian. Noah’s core belief was that track and field needed to transcend barriers.
Our choice of location, the NYC Grand Prix, was strategic. New York City's diverse streetwear culture, from Timberland boots to emerging fashion designers, provided the perfect backdrop to elevate track and field's fashion movement.
The NYC Grand Prix is a culture-first track and field meet with local food trucks, a live DJ booming the latest music and the best international athletes. Our photography and film wove a narrative of unity while highlighting individual stories. Each athlete featured visually told a unique story and experience. Our production ultimately reinforced the concept that this is the “lane for track athletes and fashion”.
By capturing the expression, diversity, and inclusivity, we successfully brought Track+Fits to life. The campaign resonates with a Gen Z audience, whilst inspiring future athletes to embrace track and field with style and authenticity.
Our content was shared with millions of people, including Timberland and we were featured in the New York Times