Project Summary
World Athletics, the governing body for track and field athletics, wanted to expand its reach and connect with a younger audience by bringing style to its social media channels and events. This project aimed to position World Athletics at the intersection of sport and style, creating dynamic and engaging content that resonated with a diverse range of Gen Z trendsetters and style enthusiasts.
The Challenge
To produce a 3-month creative campaign that encompassed:
Relevance: Reintroduce and rejuvenate the image of track and field by aligning it with contemporary fashion trends.
Engagement: Foster a deeper connection with a younger demographic by curating content that appeals to their interests and lifestyles.
Awareness: Enhance the visibility of World Athletics and athletes in the fashion space, ensuring diversity and inclusivity.
Our Approach
Content Fusion: We blended sports and fashion through multimedia content, featuring athletes showcasing athletic-inspired styles. Highlighting the versatility of track and field fashion.
Interactive Experiences: We teamed up with World Athletics and Diamond League to bring athlete walk-in entrances for fans to interact with athletes pre-competition.
Athlete Ambassadors: We engaged with young, fashion-forward track and field athletes to bridge the gap between sport and style.
Social Media Blitz: We brought vibrant social media content dedicated to showcasing the fusion of athletics and fashion, sharing athlete style tips, and exclusive content.
World Athletics measured increased engagement among the younger demographic across Instagram and Twitter (X). The campaign also satisfied World Athletics partners, as it created a new channel for brand exposure.