Project Summary
For our first project working with Hayward Magic, we embarked on a challenge to elevate the brand's Instagram content to a new level, all while staying true to its distinctive brand identity. This exciting challenge spanned two locations: Budapest, Hungary (2023 World Championships) and Oregon, USA (2023 Nike PreClassic Track Meet).
Hayward Magic represents a groundbreaking approach to how track and field enthusiasts engage with performance. Rooted in a powerful mission, they are dedicated to fostering and inspiring participation in athletics. Their dedication guarantees that individuals of all abilities can immerse themselves in the realm of track and field.
Creative Concept
Track and Field is a varied and often miscommunicated sport. We took the approach of translating Hayward Magic’s values to an audience that wants to know more about the athletes behind the sport.
By producing a collection of visuals that drive the core messages of inclusivity, community and self-motivation, we delved into captivating narratives of some of track and field's most extraordinary athletes.
We captured a series of photos of elite athletes expressing their style away from the stadium and accompanied these photos with enlightening quotes from each athlete.
The quotes added another layer to the content and fed into our campaign’s overall narrative. Each photo series was paramount in visually showing the story behind the style of each athlete featured.
Our diverse cast resonated with Hayward Magic's audience and inspired them to express their personality through fashion.
Our Approach
Hayward Magic. A platform designed to celebrate the magic of Nike's Hayward Field stadium. Where the fastest athletes in the world meet record-breaking performances. But these are more than elite record-breaking athletes. We believe athletes are human first. This campaign aimed to show who athletes really are, away from the noise.
Hayward Magic received a positive increase in engagement and the elite athletes who took part connected deeper with their fans, even brands like Nike and Adidas loved our work!